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New year – new adventures

3.1.2019 klo 14:46

First blog of the year 2019 I thought about writing in English – for some individuals. End of the year was really relaxed. I dreamed about just chilling for two weeks and guess what – I did! Now I am full of energy, ideas started flowing in the last days of holidays and it was kind of hard not pick up my laptop and just start sending emails etc. but I made it and now I am in full work mode. First real day back at the Rainy Day Office at Navitas, Varkaus. Got to send those million emails and before holidays I didn’t manage to finish some commercial work  so I had somewhere to start.

Finland in frigging cold now. I don’t mind though. Makes me feel like a real northerner from Game of Thrones. And I really love the sceneries in this light. Came to my office and saw sun setting after 2pm and I just wish I was filming some commercial or scene today around here. No more lights needed. View from my office window is really inspiring throughout the year but I think this goes to my top 2 because fall is my favourite time around. Saimaa lake area in September is when this place really feels like home.

But now it’s full hustle here on. We have so much cool stuff coming up this year! There are big things for our Insite movie production, we are starting new hopefully funny activities alongside Rainy Day Entertainment and other commercial work. Podcasts, Friday politics, documents, music videos etc. Just so much fun is waiting down the road and I am really glad to get even this far in my endeavors. Last year was very, very – very humbling. Got so much setbacks and problems along the way which almost made me burn out. But whenever ( or at least I try to ) I see a problem I take it as a challenge. Problems are made to be solved. It’s not fun. It’s challenging. Now I really have come to understand that doing what you love is truly important. And when it comes to making your dreams come true: the goal is tempting but the journey is the real deal. I want to make the most out of it. Comforting quote was told to me from the gaming world which really feels like how it is in real life whatever you do: in game whenever you see an enemy/obstacle you know you are on the right path. That’s how I feel and I am starting to enjoy it.

So, let’s make this great year!

PS. I also made a New Year’s Resolution video for this year which link is here:

Thank you for reading this blog. I am trying to make tons of these more this year. Until next time!

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